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Objective: To develop personalized exercise program for my clients. To improve participant’s strength, flexibility, endurance, and circulatory function. Helping them to enjoy a more active lifestyle while having fun and staying injury free. To improve their mobility, health, independence, and overall quality of life.

Private One-on-One Fitness Trainer
2003-present, Fitness First Studio, Memphis, TN

  • Observed participants and inform them the corrective measures necessary for skill improvement
  • Offer alternatives during classes to accommodate different levels of fitness.
  • Evaluate individual’s abilities, needs, and physical conditions, and develop suitable training programs to meet any special requirements

Fitness Trainer
March 2011 – December 2011

Fitness Premier
Memphis, TN

  • Private One-on-One Fitness Trainer Implement exercise programs for clients.Personal Training
  • Maintain fitness equipment

June 2004 – June 2007

Forever Fit
Memphis, TN

  • Developed training programs for athletes and obese clients.
  • Teach proper breathing techniques used during physical exertion.

Spotter, Aerobics Instructor and Fitness Trainer
1996 – 2003
Gold’s Gym/AC Fitness/Memphis Fitness Club

Memphis, TN

  • Demonstrate correct use of exercise equipment or performance of exercise routine.
  • Develop exercise programs to improve participant’s strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Measured amount of body fat using equipment such as hydrostatic scale, skinfold calipers, or tape measures.

University of Memphis
Memphis, TN
Bachelor of Science and Education
Major in Exercise Science and Health Promotion
President of American Society of Exercise Physiology (ASEP)


Rodrigo Helal


I am a certified personal fitness trainer. After completing my degree in Exercise Science at the University of Memphis I truly began my experiment in fitness. I was once a very fit exercise enthusiast. I was an avid runner, kickboxer and mixed martial arts student. After an accident and injury, like many people, I became depressed and began a downward spiral that eventually led me to letting myself go. Because of this and my renewed drive to become a healthier person, I am able to relate to my clients in a way that most trainers cannot.

I can identify with overweight and obese people because I, too, have been challenged by obsessive overeating and a significant decline in my own health. My body is still a work in progress and, as a trainer, but I have chosen to strive towards healthy weight loss which is the “slow and

steady” method that has proven to have great and lasting results. I now benefit from conservative weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower resting heart rate, healthy blood pressure, decreased stress on my joints and low back, as well as improved mobility.

While I  do not match the standard profile of a slim, athletic or well-muscled personal trainer, I am equipped with sufficient tools and education to accomplish your fitness goals. No matter how small each step in the right direction actually is – each step forward is one step closer to better health.

I believe my journey in recovery and exercise can prove as a testament to what can be done even if you don’t think you are capable. I would like the opportunity to help you overcome your own challenges. Please contact me today to learn more.


Rodrigo Helal

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