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If You’re Over 50, Avoid these Exercise Mistakes

Hopefully, you’re just wasting your time; hopefully. Yes, you’re exercising and you will gain some benefits from that, but if you’re making the following mistakes, you’ll either simply waste your time or, worst-case scenario, you’ll actually end up hurting yourself. Get the most out of your exercise routine by making sure to avoid the following fitness faux pas:

  • Getting physical without warming up. Increase your ability to make it through a complete workout without the risk of injury or pain by building up. Start slow and easy and allow your body to ramp up to its peak performance level. 
  • Stretch the ol’ muscles. Though we hate to admit it, things are just not the same as they were when we were in our twenties or even thirties. It takes a little bit more to get the muscles ready and prepared to take on a workout than it used to. But that’s okay. With a proper stretching routine, you’ll avoid the soreness that comes after a good, vigorous workout and reduce the chance for injury during exercise routines.
  • You neglect to strength-train. Cardiovascular exercise is great for those over 50 years old but foregoing a resistance program can open up a whole host of issues. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass. By the age of 50, we may have lost 20 to 40% of our muscle. This reduction in muscle causes us to weaken and lose our ability to perform everyday tasks and activities. Make sure to incorporate weight-training into your daily fitness program.
  • You never push it. If you feel comfortable during your exercise routine, it is time to amp it up. Run farther or faster, do another set of weights or increase their weights. Do something that pushes you to the next level.

At Forever Young Fitness we strive to provide personalized exercise programs for individuals over 50. As a top-rated local® personal trainer in Memphis, we make sure to guide our valued clients in healthier, more effective fitness routines that work.

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