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Staying Flexible with Exercise Over 50

You don’t have to be an ex-athlete to know the aches and pains that aging can bring on. A large portion of us over 50 years old are familiar with knees that don’t bend as far as they used to or hips that don’t rise from a chair quite as quickly. Remaining flexible can be a challenge as we age regardless of our previous activity level or lifestyle. Keeping mobile and flexible as we age, however, can greatly improve our overall quality of life. It’s important to stay physically adept at mobility and flexibility in order to be able to do everyday functions such as climbing stairs, sitting on and rising from the floor, deftly picking up or moving objects and staying athletically adept.

At Forever Young Fitness in Memphis, TN we understand the unique challenges of exercise for over 50. All of our fitness programs are specifically geared for those of mid-life ages that are interested in attaining or retaining a higher level of fitness for their age group. As a personal trainer in Memphis, that specializes in fitness for men and women over 50 years old, we strive to create specific programs that are intended to protect and encourage flexibility and mobility. Fully personalized and customized to each individual’s needs, each fitness level and program is comprised of basic core elements that include flexibility training, resistance and weight training, education about proper nutrition and eating habits, and convenient one-on-one sessions. Together, we will strive to create a more flexible, stronger, healthier you. Call 901-461-4424 to get started today.


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