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The Benefits of Exercise for 50+ Year Olds

Important at any age, exercise becomes almost imperative to good health for those of us that have reached the benchmark of fifty years old. As we age, remaining active has many benefits that allow us to remain in fairly good health and helps us to avoid illness and injury. Boosting energy, managing pain and stiffness and maintaining certain levels of independence and freedom, a routine exercise program provides many beneficial affects for our older population.

Many older adults profess to feeling and looking younger when engaged in an active lifestyle. Exercise, performed on a regular basis, firms muscles, protects joints and provides boosts of endorphins that allow people to feel happier. Being sedentary can lead to advanced health problems and depression. As adults become more inactive as they age, the chance for bone fractures increases, raising the risk of injury, which can start a vicious cycle of less movement and more problems. A regular exercise program for those over 50, that involves weight-bearing activities can help avoid these issues and others.

A good healthy exercise program has a positive effect on every part of an aging person’s body. Remaining active after the age of 50 decreases your chances of developing a variety of detrimental health issues including dementia and Alzheimers, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

At Forever Young Fitness, it is our mission to provide the most comprehensive  fitness programs for men and women over 50. As a personal trainer in Memphis, I strive to bring personalized fitness regimens to each and every one of my clients so that they can all reach their optimal fitness level. Call for your first session today and get started towards a whole new perspective on fitness after 50.


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