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Fitness Assessment

Should take 20-30 minutes
Assessment will measure your body fat%, your aerobic, strength and flexibility capabilities.
  1. 3 Minute Step Test
  2. 1 Minute Pushup Test
  3. 1 Minute Sit-Up Test
  4. Sit & reach Test
  5. Body Fat
After completing a final evaluation of your medical and fitness data, I will be able to write out your fitness program and get you started.
Don’t worry if you can’t do one push-up or one sit-up, you still need to come in for an assessment.
To schedule an appointment please fill out the ParQ Questionnaire and submit before I meet with you.
My 6 Principles for a well designed fitness program
1. Safety.  My programs are designed and executed to minimize the potential for injury.  Safety first. I will chose proper exercises, determine the frequency, intensity, and duration of your sessions. I will chose the level of resistance, according to your fitness assessment results, and set the pace of progression with safety in mind.
2. Effective. My programs are effective; therefore, they consistently produce great results. The most effective way of improving one’s strength fitness is through resistance training.
3. Personalized. My programs are designed and executed to fit the individual needs rather than the individual trying to fit the program.
4. Functional. Your program must be functional for you. Your gains in strength will be translated into real-life abilities.
5. Progressive. I want to move you into the direction of your goals.
6. Balanced. Your strength training program will ensure that your body is improved proportionately.
My goal is to make sure you enjoy life through physical independence and the ability to participate in various satisfying physical activities.
Rodrigo Helal

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