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Kyle W.

“Rodrigo is a great trainer. I’ve always been intimidated by free weight exercises such as squats and deadlifts, for fear of injuring myself with improper form. Like many beginner’s, I tried to load on too much weight and killed my joints from bad form.

Rodrigo was able to accurately gauge my strength, and helped me build an amazing foundation. We started out REALLY light, I was almost insulted at first. However, with slow controlled movements and PROPER form my muscles felt like they were going to fall off after each session. 5 months later, my strength has doubled, I’ve lost 15 pounds and went from a 33 to a 30 in pant size (I’m a small guy at 5’7).

I’ve seen a lot of trainers treat training time as social hour with non-stop chit chat. Rodrigo focuses on the routine and makes sure you get the best workout possible. He’s constantly watching your form and you can really see the progress week by week.

For financial reasons I was only able to do 3 months worth of sessions. It was by far the best money I’ve spent, it has allowed me to develop a workout routine that I can see results from. I’m no longer worried about hurting myself, and i’m no longer wandering around the gym like a chicken with it’s head cut off. If you can afford it, stick with him as long as you can.”

-Kyle W.

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