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“Scientists have yet to discover the philosophies stone that will confer immortality. However, the ability of regular exercise to reduce biological age by 10-20 years is no mean miracle. Indeed, I know of no other therapy that could achieve comparable results.” -Roy J. Shephard

Resistance training as we age is just as important, if not more so, than it is for other age groups. Older adults have come to recognize the “fountain of youth” is exercise. Seniors, as an age group, tend to be physically more active than teenagers. Based on things like lifestyle, genetics, and medical history, your biological age may be several years younger or older than your chronological age. According to “Science is increasingly showing that certain health choices can slow and perhaps even reverse the rate of aging. Even choices made late in life make a difference. For example, people who exercise early in life, but quit, many show no longevity benefit. In contrast, people who started exercising in their 50s and 60s or even later, show considerable benefit.

If you were born between 1946 and 1964 and you want to be stronger, independent, enhanced ability to carry on with the activities of daily living, or just want more energy to play with your grand kids. Than you need to give me a CALL. If you want to use strength training to become stronger and to rewind your biological for more energy, vitality, well-being and enjoy life, you need to give me a CALL. If you want to live a long strong healthy life than you need to give me a CALL.

I have been working in the fitness industry since 1996. I have successfully helped many people get in shape and live longer with my fitness programs. I enjoy knowing that I am a positive force in the lives of many. I want to see the weak become strong, the sedentary become active, and the disabled and dysfunctional become capable and able.

Importance of Strength Training ~Strength is the ability to defeat gravity and resistance, and to move with vigor and vitality. Strength is what keeps our body from giving away, succumbing, crumbling, and failing during its movement. Without strength, we would not be able to perform any of the activity that make you healthy and fit. Recent research proves that even with the older and very weak, effective strength training increases independent function skills and produces significant improvements in stair climbing, getting up from the floor, rising from the chair, and walking speed. What are you waiting for? Give me a CALL for a FREE Fitness Assessment.

supplementing your fitness goals

When attempting to lose fat while gaining muscle tissue, it becomes virtually impossible to receive the necessary nutrients from food alone.

The formula for losing fat while increasing lean muscle tissue is a combination of a nutritionally-dense caloric intake and proper exercise prescription. In order to continue building muscles, it is necessary that your diet includes a specific amount of nutrient-dense calories which must continually increase as your lean muscle grows.

The three primary purposes of supplementation are to provide nutritional insurance for optimal health, to provide nutrients without the addition of calories, and to provide readily available nutrients at the proper times and in the proper quantities, in response to exercise.

The key to achieving your ultimate body is to direct the body to use its stored fat to supply the extra calories needed to build or sustain muscle, therefore, simultaneously reducing your fat stores. this is building and sustaining muscle at the expense of your body fat. This can be accomplished through proper food intake, resistance training, and cardiovascular workouts.

I can give you more information on the benefits of supplementation and recommend supplements that may help you reach your fitness goals.

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